Death Valley GPS Tracks & Waypoints
in the universal GPX format
A GPX file that includes the entire trip in and around Death Valley National Park Download Entire Trip
If you are interested in only part of the trip, download just the days that you are interested in below:
Day 1 GPX Download Day 1
Day 2 GPX Download Day 2
Day 3 GPX Download Day 3
Day 4 GPX Download Day 4
Day 5 GPX Download Day 5
Day 6 GPX Download Day 6
Day 7 GPX Download Day 7
If your GPS unit doesn't support the GPX standard, GPSBabel can convert the files from GPX to most proprietary formats (It's free, donation-ware). Download GPSBabel...

The GPS coordinates listed under most photos are not very accurate. My Garmin GPS is limited to 2000 points for the active track so I had to save the active track at the end of each day. However, the saved track is simplified to 500 points. #$!#!#!

This is relatively good behaviour, most GPS units throw away the time data when you save--which makes it impossible to automatically add Lattiutde and Longitude to photos by matching the timestamps on the photo with the timestamps in the GPS track. I'm currently experimenting with a screenless GPS Logger with 2GB of memory to avoid these problems.